Sunday, December 12, 2010

How long will it be before we see that we must be responsible for Ourselves?

Until that happens, I for one believe, I can help my family, friends and neighbors understand that.
Indeed, we can experience the greatest joy when we each realize the power we have.

With the same public investment of capital we are currently making in industrial scale, grid dependent, wind turbine installations, we can realize five times the exaggerated benefits claimed by the current wind industry developers. its well-paid lobbyists, and co-opted environmental organizations. Not only that, we can repay the bill ourselves with financial savings, rather than passing on the cost to our kids.

It will require a dramatic shift in our current economic structure. Instead of our natural resources continuing to be burdened with the costs of distribution, refinement and re-distribution; we have the opportunity to take upon ourselves the production of our own energy consumed, be it electrical, bio-fuel, fossil fuel, or by absorbtion. The rejection of convenience is the cost we must be willing to pay to achieve our dreams.


Use all federal subsidies, including tax incentives used to attract profit-seekers into the "renewable energy industry", to capitalize PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) programs for all institutional/government, commercial and residential Properties.

Extended Benefits

Through the PACE program, which has been endorsed by the Commonwealth of Virginia for adoption by Virginia localities, publically-financed energy conservation and clean energy improvements for all properties will be repaid as a direct property-based improvement in the short term and as an inherent property value in the long term.

The continuance of  energy rate hikes that are an ingrained part of our system would be reduce dramatically as well.

We must, as a community, investigate and mathematically investigate these claims and commit ourselves to the implemetaion required.