Tuesday, September 28, 2010

...or maybe not. Slide 13 ...now we start to follow the money.

Number of Homes supplied with electricity generated by 45 MW Wind Turbine Plantation in the months of June, August & July 2010:

JUN: 46273KWH ÷ 1200KWH = 38 homes

JUL: 22845KWH ÷ 1200KWH = 19 homes

AUG: 11381KWH ÷ 1200KWH = 9 homes

The preceding was calculated by entering a total of 26,496 elements of recorded wind data over a 3 month period. The data was then upgraded in accordance with “wind profile power law” to accommodate for a difference of 30 meters of height between the proposed wind turbines and the data collection station used for this calculation. the results were then averaged and categorized into "production periods" between 3 meters/sec and 25 meters/sec and then recorded as kwh in accordance with GE Wind Power Curve data for 2.5 MW wind turbines.