Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Gosh, it's C-o-o-o-ld out there!!!

3 degrees Fahrenheit this morning

... and the wind is blowing hard. At least 15-20 mph average, I'd guess.

And I continue to obsess upon the impact of behemoth industrial wind turbines destroying massive amounts of our most visible and beautiful natural environment, while pondering the warmth that could be generated from the turbulence outside.

Here is a simple proposal from a 1500 person community on a plateau 2000 ft above a beautiful valley with a metro area of over 200,000. We propose that the amount of political energy, federal subsidies, and consumer price support in the interest of industrial scale wind turbine development, be redirected to support a massive implementation of the PACE program (Property Assessed Clean Energy).
Such an effort toward targeting energy generation closer to the point of use would have a far greater impact for dollar spent than any collective scheme that continues to distribute energy over a "physical" distribution grid. If a renewable electricity generation unit became an integral part of every building, we would gain 6 - 20% more efficient and cleaner use of all energy so generated. That is the same percentage of electricity energy we lose thru transmission and distribution over the “GRID” according to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

With increased investment in research and development into energy storage technology; coupled with a redirection of the power companies to a local maintenance industry role, we can redirect the responsibility of conservation directly back to the consumer, at a dramatically lower cost.

Green and clean? Of course, but don’t get me started.

Disclaimer this proposal has not been formally adopted by the Bent Mountain community.