Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rockingham County Virginia Meets the Windbaggers

Lumis/Solaya Poised to Reap Subsidies, Loan Guarantees and "in demand" benefits of producing "renewable " energy.

Solaya is developing a wind farm along a ridge on the Virginia/West Virginia border. Instead of a lease agreement, Solaya is joining with the land owners (who are merely capitalizing upon their positions of OWNERSHIP) to create a legal entity that shares profits according to an agreed upon share system. The question to be answered is: Are the potential benefits (to whom) so great so as to justify "permanent" disruption of the natural environment for "carbon-dioxide free" electricity? If the benefits outweigh the costs, the "Industrial Scale Wind Developers" must publicly demonstrate the proposed benefits prior to accepting any public financial support. For public support of the current magnitude, the current technology should MUST be deserving. Therefore, it should be totally acceptable to all interests to accept the challenge to PROVE IT.

In excess of 5 miles of cleared ridge North of Cow's Knob, WV

•Solaya has land leases for two separate areas of ridge line in Virginia and West Virginia, including 1000 acres of land at one location and 5 miles of ridge line at another location.

•The land can support approximately 62 turbines with a capacity of 167 MW of power.

•The land under control has a 500kV main transmission line running through the property and access to the National Forest, allowing great potential for additional development.

Probable Northernmost 14 +/= Wind turbines
(approximately 10% of environmental consumption for total project)