Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Day in the Fall

Today, Carol Wampler,currently Renewable Energy Policy Manager,

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), formerly a lobbyist for the Virginia Manufacturer's Association, facilitated an industry laden "informal Stakeholders Group" (occasionally referred to as a local outreach group {LOG}) in a meeting, targeted with a charge to conclude deliberations on a "Model" zoning ordinance amendment for adoption by all state localities. Here's a copy of an email announcing today's event, held at the offices of wind industry lobbyist and group member John W. Daniel in Richmond and Lunch provided by Spanish-based wind turbine manufacturer and developer GAMESA:

From: Carol Wampler

To: Billy Vaughn Rckham; Bob Matthias VOWC; Carol Wampler; Carol Wampler DEQ; Dan Holmes PEC; Dan Lookadoo NRCC; Dan Renshaw Gamesa; Diana Christopulos Roan Cln Cities; Don Giecek Inven; Earl Dodrill DSLCC; Elsie Franklin DEQ; Emil Avram Dom; George Homewood APAVA; Heather Mackey; Jeff Gore for Loudoun; John Daniel TroutSan; John Meck Rckham Cty; Jonathan J. Miles; Justin Markell RES; Ken Hutcheson; Ken Jurman; Kerri Nicholas OAG; Larry Land; Larry Lombardi Norf dev; Lucy Phillips Wash Cty; Maria Papadakis JMU; Mark Hanson; Nikki Rovner TNC; Pat Morgan Augusta; Patrick Hatcher ODU VCERC; Peter Huber; Richard Hirsh; Robbie Huff CSPDC; Robert Meyers Exmore solar; Roberta Kellam SWCB; Ron Jefferson APCO; Salud Layton Dom; Sandra Benson; Scott Sklar solar; Sean McGinnis VT energy; Shawn Utt Pulaski; Todd Hopper Gamesa

Cc: Bill Macali VB; Bill Rogers Solaya; Bob Baldwin Navy; Connor Kain; David Kleppinger; Eldon Karr RoanCty; Eric Young Tazewell; Erica Bannerman Alexandria; Gregg Kamptner Albemrl; Joe Lerch VML; Joris Benninga; Kevin Byrd NRVPDC; Matthew Cartier; Paul Vosbeek; Phyllis Errico VACO; Rick Thomas Timmons Grp; Russell Slayton; Tyson Utt Apex; Cindy Berndt; Debra Miller

Subject: Local Outreach: reminder of LOG mtg on Nov. 16 at 10:00 at Troutman

Date: Monday, November 14, 2011 3:30:04 PM

Attachments: 11 16 2011 Agenda Local Outreach Mtg.doc

Dear Local Government Outreach Stakeholder Group (LOG) Members & Alternates:

(cc: Interested Parties)

We would like to remind you of the LOG meeting this Wednesday, November 16, at 10:00 at Troutman Sanders in downtown Richmond. A draft agenda (including meeting location) is attached. Free parking is available in the Troutman Sanders garage on levels 3-6 (get parking voucher/validation from receptionist on 15th floor).

We thank John Daniel of Troutman Sanders for inviting us to use his facility for this meeting, and we thank Gamesa for providing lunches.

Thanks also to everyone who has sent in comments on the draft Utility-Scale Model Ordinance. Heather and I continue to work on incorporating your input into the draft.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday! Please call or email if you have questions.



Renewable Energy Policy Manager
Department of Environmental Quality
629 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Although attendance records from previous meetings have not been made available to all interested parties, it is clear from numerous incidences of email correspondences that the development of this draft amendment has been largely influenced by those who stand to gain (or avoid losing) the most financially by promoting a model with the least measures of land use protection and control.

Even those members connected indirectly to the industrial scale (or more currently referenced as Utility scale) wind industry, are in a personal position of jeopardizing their livelihoods IF they fail to promote and support the large scale wind industry interests. In this case, predicated on the FEAR of global warming and mountaintop removal, the general public has been systematically led to believe that they have no other choice than to line the pockets of dishonest profiteers for misguided ENERGY SALVATION.

This represents the sad state of  affairs on all levels of government, local through national in the United States
of America today.

It is indeed time to speak up: Is this Capitalism Out of Control?

This IS NOT a political or idealogical issue any more!!!