Friday, May 28, 2010

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Where there's Money....

The proposed industrial wind turbine installation in Highland County, Virginia has encountered intense opposition by residents and stewards of the environment. Although the project is moving ahead, under the banner of a smaller development organization, only 2-3 wind turbine sites have been cleared and some new roadwork is in place.

Recently, it is my understanding that attorney, Mary Ellen Goodlatte, has invited the Roanoke County planning staff, Planning Commission members and County supervisor, Ed Elswick, on a trip (expense paid?) to the site of the Beech Ridge Wind Farm. The project is a $300 million, 119-wind turbine installation under construction in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, on behalf of her client, Invenergy, PLC. This project consists of 1.5 Mw turbines. (the project proposed in Roanoke County will have 2.5 Mw turbines; 167% larger with greater environmental impact area). The purpose of this visit is to "educate" Roanoke County staff and planning commission members about the benefits of the installation of this technology in the Appalachian Mountains.

Currently, the Roanoke County Zoning Ordinance has no provisions for such an installation in Roanoke County. The county is expected to amend their ordinance this year and the invitees are only those who will be primarily responsible for preparing and recommending ordinance changes to the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors.

Unfortunately, we seem to all be blinded by the promise of big money and a silver bullet to conceal our ever growing consumption of energy.

The following link was published by Virginia Wind which is maintained by:
Dan Boone and Rick Webb of Highland County, VA:

Note: This post was edited on 06-01-10 to correct earlier misinformation regarding the site to be visited and deletion of references to Ms. Goodlatte's family.