Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bent Mountain Civic League

Update from 4-28-2010 Civic League Meeting:
Following is a list of the members of our comunity/family who attended:

Note: Although I have the email addresses and phone numbers of most who attended, I'm not publiching those in this blog for security.

The following are not intended to be meeting minutes which will be prepared by our re-elected secretary Karen Scott.

Election of Officers (for a 1-year term):

Eldon L. Karr - President
Kay Moore -     Vice President
Karen Scott -     Secretary
Carson King -    Treasurer

Board of Directors (according to by-laws):
Eldon L Karr, President
Ed Elswick, Past President
Annie Krochalis, Past President
Bruce Coffey, Past President
Ed Frost, for Frank Terry, Past President


Annie Krochalis
Bob Johnson
Kay Moore
Paula Bittinger
Joanie & Ed Kinser
Karen Scott
Sherwin Little
Ellen & Bob Rummel
John Nicol
Kasie & David McClamma
Mary Beth & Bruce Coffey
Mary & Jerry Gross
George & Sherry Penney
Joan & Dick Carver
Ann M. Kovats
Kathy E. Chandler
Bradley R. Foro
Ed Elswick
Frank Wilkins, SR
Genesis Chapman
Peter & Jenny Chapman
Helen Lamb
Hunter Smith
Eldon Karr
Drew Barrineau

Those who wish to be on the Planning Committee:
Eldon Karr ad hoc
Paula Bittinger
John Nicol
Mary Beth Coffey
Sherry Penney
Joan Carver
Ann M. Kovats
Kathy E. Chandler
Ed Elswick
Jenny Chapman
Helen Lamb
Annie Krochalis

Please comment with any changes, suggestions or additions to this form of communication.
Love you all like brothers & sisters,