Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How do you Rejuvenate a Community? Offer opportunities to express their love for each other

This post has been over a year in the making. Following an extended period of care from the team of caregivers at Lewis-Gale Hospital and Blue Ridge Cancer Center, I received news that the cancer that threatened to terminate our idyllic lives on Bent Mountain was no longer detected in my lungs or metasticized locations in my vertabrae, hip socket and pancreas. The treatment process was arduous  at the least but was made much more tolerable with the love that Sue and I received from our beloved friends and neighbors in the Bent Mountain Community. Nearly 40 people have been involved for over a year in attending to our needs on a weekly basis.

Sue and I were hesitant to accept such attention, initially but realized that by accepting our community's love, we would likely be much better equipped to respond in kind when our opportunity presents itself. Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to know that the power of love from any community is the strongest medicine that any of us can expect to receive.

Folwing are a few photos of those who have helped us during our time of need;