Monday, March 18, 2013

Is it time to change our course?

I've been thinking about all of the wasteful expenditure of our energy for decades. Indeed, I've focused upon that almost exclusively for the past four years. And, I've found solace in realizing that I am not alone with my negative perspective. Ironically, I've been encouraged with assurances that my viewpoints have been right.

Junkie for dopamine highs, that I am, I have continued to focus upon what is wrong with the direction our society (school of fish) is heading toward. Just today, I experienced yet another high when I read my good friend Dan Smith's dissatisfaction with the loss of elderly journalists to the vague benefit of greedy young publishers and stockholders.

Another "downer" that I got a "high" from was a report that "The Crooked Road" foundation or organization was dumping its efforts to become designated as a "National Heritage Trail." Don't misunderstand, these highs I receive are not necessarily enjoyable to me. They merely confirm my addiction to being "right."

With that said, (apologies for the cliche), I decided it might be time to change course with the posts on the Bent Mountain blog. This will not be easy for me, but I will try to offer more positive, and hopefully more inspirational, perspectives regarding our community.

Apple Ridge Farm, one of our shining stars in our mountain community, has requested my volunteer assistance in developing the world's third e-Base. The world's first e-Base was established on King George Island in Antarctica as a vision of Robert Swan, OBE, the only human to walk to both the North and South poles. The mission of the e-Base is to educate about balancing the accelerating human appetite for energy while preserving our wonderful natural environment.

The second e-Base was opened in the Interpretive Center of the Pench National Park in India in 2011.

And now thanks to the leadership of James Bray of Akzo-Nobel, LLC, we eagerly look forward to establishing the world's third e-Base USA at Apple Ridge Farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

E-Base USA Blue Ridge from Eldon Karr on Vimeo.
Inspired by Robert Swan, polar explorer, who established the world's first eBase in Antarctica to serve as a self-powered educational center to balance our energy demands with a commitment to protect our remaining natural environment; this video features a local effort at establishing the world's 3rd eBase in the USA in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.