Thursday, November 8, 2012

Only We the People Can Change Our Fate

The other day (pre-election day) my good friend, Peter Lewis, Founder of Apple Ridge Farm called me while I was attending an annual conference of chapters of FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway. His call was extremely fortuitous.
As many know, I have long been an environmental conservationist opposed to the massive destruction of our natural environment along the Blue Ridge Mountains threatened by the installation of massive industrial scale wind turbines. BIG MONEY  has effectively convinced a large segment of a gullible public that once again, "Bigger is Better," and renewable energy on an industrial scale is a "silver bullet" solution to our climate change concerns.
I have argued that exaggerated productivity claims, transmission and distribution losses over the "Grid", and the promotion of apathy among consumers for personal responsible energy use, does nothing more than line the pockets of BIG MONEY interests with more public gold.

The call from Peter was an enthusiastic request that I serve as a consultant to Apple Ridge Farm as they pursue the development of E-base #3 in the world. E-base #1 is in Antarctica. E-base #2 is in Pench, India. E-base is an educational concept developed by explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan focused upon establishing local classrooms powered solely by locally obtainable renewable energy resources. These classrooms would then spread their learning throughout the world utilizing the benefits only from home grown energy! I have enthusiastically accepted Peter's request.

Recently, I signed on to an open letter to Obama to expunge BIG MONEY interest from politics. Now I would like to encourage everyone to stand behind an appeal to expel BIG MONEY control over our energy consumption.