Friday, September 7, 2012

Neither Candidate is qualified to Decide our Energy Future

Romney prefers to stick his head in the sand and declare there is no such thing as global warming, leaving us with the assumption that our gluttonous energy consumption is just good business.

Obama on the other hand chose to ignore advice from his former chief of staff, Larry Summers, who explained that wind developers really had "no skin in the game." The wind developers are focusing upon reaping profits from grants and subsidies.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION IS NOT AN ISSUE TO BE DECIDED BY SELF-SERVING POLITICIANS who seek only the power bestowed by capturing your vote and the financial resources of those who game the system that allow them to do so.

Energy consumption is OUR problem and must be addressed by those who consume it. If every person on Earth consumed as much energy as US Citizens, it would require FIVE planets equivalent to Earth to support our gluttony.

We do have answers to help us conserve. We must insist on site-based programs like PACE (property assessed clean energy). Such programs do not rob from posterity like traditional grant programs, but provide funding by relying upon increased values of property improvements repaid over extended amortization schedules that make such improvements financially feasible for everyone.

With such initiatives we do not lose generated energy by transmitting it over the inefficient transmission grid and distribution network. In fact, we reduce our demand upon the "GRID."

Can you imagine how many jobs would be created by opening the flood gates of such massive financial resources as our individual personal property values? Installing systems for on site generation across our entire nation.