Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why we Love Bent Mountain

This Appalachian Mountain community of people, nestled along the Blue Ridge, in the most northern tip of the great Blue Ridge Plateau, has treasured a unique lifestyle for generations as a result of the unique topography of the region.

A Work still in progress. Send thoughts to tell the stories of Our treasured community.

Here is an example:

On Facebook, Carl F Bagby wrote, "special place ...special people... to bad the county supervisors don't agree."

March 5 at 1:27pm · Bent Mountain, Virginia wrote:
We'll keep it special, regardless.
I like to believe this plateau served communities of people long before the European migration, because the natural surface drainage to a central fertile basin, (and a defensible perimeter). For those reasons, the communities' love for this "place" seems to have coalesced into a strong sense of spiritual strength within the people.

March 5 at 2:00pm