Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shields of Defense

Our federal government's inability to craft a reasonable response to such a universal concern as climate change, or global warming, without relenting, politically, to the influence of profiteers is extremely disturbing.
For years, many of us have gradually lost faith that our elected representatives, on state and federal levels, are capable of understanding the best interests of their constituency, in lieu of succumbing to the more immediate presence of "special interests".

On the Roanoke County government level, our elected Supervisors are largely guided, with respect to their bi-weekly public responsibility to provide "directives of guidance," by county administrative staff and additionally, appointed citizens on a variety of Boards and Commissions.

So, here we are, a small, dynamic community of approx. 1800 residents, in a county of 92,000, trying to defend our peaceful, bountiful environment from encroachment on our most precious topographic, and "aquifer-wise", resources:  the Ridges of Poore Mountain.

Over how many years? how much? a revenue windfall might there be to county operations?