Friday, August 19, 2011

Roanoke Times Seeks to Manipulate Local Governmental Process in favor of Wind Industry Lobbyists

Lobbyists are Financial Beneficiaries

The following is excerpted from a local article posted on August 18, 2011 by terry:

  • According to a citizen who took issue with a Roanoke Times editorial published on August 12, the Roanoke Times will publish on Sunday a commentary by Rupert Cutler that will endorse wind turbine development on Poor Mountain. “I have an op-ed from Rupert Cutler scheduled to run in next Sunday’s Horizon about why he has changed his opinion on Poor Mountain,” wrote Luanne Rife in an August 13 email exchange with the citizen.

  • Roanoke County hasn’t even adopted the ordinance, with amendments, and yet the Roanoke Times would seek to influence public opinion two days before the County Board of Supervisors meet for a 2nd hearing on the matter.

  • It is worth noting that Rupert Cutler was one of the original board members of the Roanoke Valley Cool Cites Coalition (RVCCC). He has also been involved with the Western Virginia Land Trust whose mission is to preserve land and scenic views. Hypocrisy?

Mr. Cutler has decided at this time, coinciding with Roanoke County's 2nd reading of a zoning ordinance amendment, to declare his support for a controversial expenditure of technology and Federal funding.

In my experience, the research conducted by the vast majority of people interested in the benefits of renewable energy resources remains on a very surface level. To thoroughly understand the viability of currently implemented wind energy technologies requires an extensive amount of mathematical calculation. Most people are not prepared or inclined to dedicate the expense of real time required to perform such evaluation.

That's OK> Most of us need to rely on the conclusions of others. When we do our research, we must make decisions about which sources to accept or reject. This is where we start straying from our starting point of seeking the truth. From this point forward our conclusions will be no truer than our personal judgement, however influenced (or manipulated).

So, What we do? We all try to manipulate each other, Arrrgh, Oh no, that's why I retreated back to Poor Mountain 36 years ago.