Monday, April 25, 2011


Google provides stats on page views on blogs. I have enjoyed following this data to develop an understanding of the potential impact of the information I am distributing. I also have noticed that each new post seems to provoke additional "page views" on older posts.

After nearly a year of posting, I realize that my personal growth of understanding has changed. Since the publication of earlier posts, I therefore feel an obligation to update, reinforce, or reverse my expressed position on previous issues.

Reader comments are crucial to the effectiveness of this blog. TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY must prevail. If you have an alternative view of my statements, please make comments that provide an opportunity for civil response.

Just today, an attorney called to request my testimony to the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors regarding a small residential scale wind turbine installation. The attorney was seeking opposing views regarding a recent action of the Roanoke County Planning Commission to permit a variation to a maximum height restriction for small wind turbines. I agreed to speak to the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors regarding this issue on the condition that I would honor, first, my standards of personal integrity.

I will periodically review and comment on old posts to the blog to reconsider previous statements. Through this process, my intent is to correct, modify or supplement my previous understanding to assure that I am honest and completely transparent with my growth of understanding regarding viable "renewable energy sources." NOTE: All resources are renewable; it's a question of time.

The most important message of this dialog must be that we MUST conserve our energy use for the sake of posterity.