Thursday, March 31, 2011

Industrial-scale wind energy doesn't work

Sue Karr's Letter to the Editor - Roanoke Times March 30, 2011
All science is based on skepticism. When the wind industry salesman talked about how wind factories on Poor Mountain could reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, I had a strong hunch there was much to learn about industrial wind power, and the salesman wasn't going to be a reliable source of information.

We skeptics have sought the expertise of professionals in fields of electrical engineering, environmental science, acoustical engineering, medicine and wildlife biology. All have grave concerns about the efficacy of wind industry. Wind factories never produce anything close to their theoretical potential. Not a single coal-fired plant generating electricity has been shut down due to electricity produced by industrial wind. Wind power is inefficient and can't produce enough dispatchable electricity to replace fossil fuel generated power.

"Coal units that stop and start emit much more CO2 than units that operate at constant power. There has been no disciplined effort to verify that wind can reduce CO2 emissions systemwide. We do know that Denmark with 20 percent wind has not reduced its consumption of coal." (The American Scientist, The Scientific Research Society, vol. 98, 2010, Alex Pavlak).

Can gargantuan wind factories efficiently replace power produced by fossil fuels? No.