Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not So Cool - Not So Green

The lake of toxic waste at Baotou, China, which has been dumped by the rare earth processing plants in the background
  A 2011 article published in the Daily Mail in Great Britain and now making the rounds in publications around the world reveals very disturbing secrets regarding the real environmental costs of so-called "green and clean" energy produced by industrial scale wind powered electricity generating systems:

Self-serving incentives created by wind industry capitalists, politicians, and well-financed lobbyists are creating far greater environmental damage and human suffering than the sins of "mountain top removal" that they so blatantly pit against those who seek truth.

Mountain-top removal in pursuit of coal is something we must continue to fight to eliminate. In that fight, however we must remain conscious of the threat to life that we impose on others.

Villagers Su Bairen, 69, and Yan Man Jia Hong, 74, stand on the edge of the six-mile-wide toxic lake in Baotou, China that has devastated their farmland and ruined the health of the people in their community

Inside the Baotou Xijun Rare Earth refinery in Baotou, where neodymium, essential in new wind turbine magnets, is processed

Compassion for our fellow man must not be sacrificed through ignorance of the effects of our actions. Living in harmony with our fellow man and our planet must be our goal. We must not accept solutions that avoid conforonting our gluttonous appetite for more energy. Conservation, efficiency and sustainability need to be our by words.